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Civil Defence Emergency Management Info via Text Messaging



Waimate Civil Defence Emergency Management uses the OPTN Ltd text messaging service.  The great advantage for this system is it allows Civil Defence to reach a large number of people very quickly with emergency notifications. 


This service enhances the emergency management teams ability to ensure people have immediate access to timely and consistent information.  The messaging service, which will be managed by the Waimate District Council emergency management office in terms of content and updating, will be activated only in the event of a *tsunami, an impending localised emergency such as a cyclone, or when a Civil Defence Emergency is likely to be declared.


Registration is FREE if registering from the website or 31c via mobile phone.  Registration via mobile can be made by texting OPTNWECD to +61427792934.  To receive emergency texts is FREE


* NB:  A local sourced tsunami can arrive in minutes.  So if you are at or near the coast and feel a strong earthquake (e.g you find it hard to stand up) or a long rolling earthquake that lasts for a minute or more, move to high ground, or as far inland as you can.  The earthquake is your warning as there will be no time to issue one!