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What Do We Do Now? | Tasks | Why Do We Do It? | Our Service Levels

What Do We Do Now?

Council employs one Environmental Health Officer, who carries out many and varied functions such as inspection and licensing of:

  • food preparation premises,
  • camping grounds,
  • funeral directors,
  • hairdressers,
  • mobile shop keepers,
  • offensive trades,

All notifiable infectious disease reports are investigated, (such as campylobacter, salmonella, giardia, and cryptosporidium), then referred onto Community and Public Health. Council also has a role in public education and remedial work.
Inspections and remedial work carried out on complaints for nuisance activities that may be injurious to health. A comprehensive list may include noise, smoke, litter, food, smell, effluent and sewerage disposal, concerns about living conditions and long grass on sections.

Public and private water quality is also monitored, and action requested when required.


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Tasks are the routine matters that Council will attend to every year, in order to maintain service levels set in agreement with our community.

  • Provide Environmental Health advice.
  • Engage in public education on matters of environmental health.
  • Ensure public health and general wellbeing is protected.
  • Implement legislative requirements to minimise nuisance or objectionable effects on human health.
  • Proactively promote public health and food safety issues.

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Why Do We Do It?

Statutory obligations under the Health Act, Litter Act, Local Government Act, Animal Products Act, Resource Management Act, Food Act, Food Hygiene Regulations and By-laws.

Council also completes the activities to improve, promote and protect public health and safety within the district and protect the environment.

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Our Service Levels

To provide a written report to the secretary of the Waimate District Licensing Agency within 15 working days of receipt for all liquor licence applications (On Licences, Managers’ Certificates, Specials etc).

To inspect all registered premises at least once during the year and licence where appropriate.

To undertake initial investigations of notifiable infectious diseases within two working days of notification, and provide written reports within five working days of initial notification.

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