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Community Development

Council’s activities in Economic Development (Community Development) will enhance opportunities to grow the wealth of our District to be shared in by all residents of our District.  The Council will encourage initiatives to bring more people to live in Waimate while maintaining the unique lifestyle here.


Council’s Forestry activity can contribute to integrated employment opportunities in our District.

Council has forestry interests at Waihao and in Forestry Reserves, including joint venture agreements with land owners. Operational management of forestry is tendered out to a professional forest management company.

Every year Council attend to the following routine matters in order to maintain service levels set in agreement with our community.

  • Maintain, operate and harvest from Council owned/interested forestry blocks.
  • Maintain an awareness of market conditions for forestry in order to maximise sale revenues.


Community Support 

In the activity of community support, Council has two separate operations:

Council’s Promotions Department – a manager, two assistants (who job share) and voluntary workers, operate the promotions department out of the former post office building. The Promotions Department provides support for tourism within the Waimate District, promotes Waimate outside the District, and assists with festivals and events in the District e.g. Waimate Strawberry Fare.  Their website address is

Council’s General Community Services – provides decision making and accountability for funds grants from council to community organisations and individuals for community purposes. Funds come from both council and on-Council sources. Total Grants are in excess of $200,000 pa e.g. grants to: Stadium, Museum, Resource Centre, Regent Theatre, Creative NZ Recipients, etc.

Every year Council attend to the following routine matters in order to maintain service levels set in agreement with our community.

  • Publish these community grants in local media.
  • Support the Regent Theatre Trust.
  • Support the ‘Bushtown Heritage Park’ Project.
  • Support sporting clubs & organisations with low interest loans.
  • Interact with ECan on future needs for public transport - monitoring the need at regular intervals.
  • Promote the historical and contemporary importance of timber industries as a District theme.
  • Operate a Rates rebate scheme in conjunction with the Dept. of Internal Affairs.  
  • Maintain & staff the Information Centre for visitors and residents information as well as tourist maps & information covering the District.
  • Provide Community Grants to community support organisations.
  • Provide Council grants to Arts organisations.
  • Liaise with RSA and local Maori to co-ordinate ANZAC day observances.
  • Operate an effective Promotions department.
  • Maintain signage that provides coverage of a range of tourist and special interest locations and activities.