Please note that all forms are in PDF Format.

Council pamphlets and information sheets are also listed below.  

Animals and Pets

Application For A Licence To Keep Three Or More Dogs On A Property

Application For Selected Owner Status

Dog Registration Form

Neutered Dog Declaration

Notification of Deceased Dog

Building Consents Application Forms

Application Certificate of Acceptance

Application and Record Waiver - Modification

Application for Building Consent Amendment

Application for Building Consent and or PIM

Application for Building Consent Vetting Check sheet

Application for a Section 72

Application for Temporary Building

Application for Certificate of Public Use

As Built Drainage Plan

Certificate Imposing Condition

Construction Statement for Log Fires and Flues

Contractors Acceptance of Producer Statement

Notification of Change of Use of a Building

Notification of Exempt Building Work

Notification of Licensed Building Practitioner

Request for Building and Drainage File

Solid Fuel Burner Application

Compliance Schedule Application Forms

Accessed Controlled Doors

Application Amendment Compliance Schedule

Application for Amendment to Compliance Schedule SBCG 11

Audio Loops

Auto Doors

Automatic Sprinklers

Backflow Preventers

Building Maintenance Units

Building Wof Form 12

Cable Cars

Compliance Schedule Specified Systems Form

Compliance Schedule Specified Systems Form SBCG27

Compliance Schedule Specified Systems Guidance

Compliance Schedule Specified Systems Guidance SBCG27

DBH BWOF Building WOF Guidance

DBH CSH Compliance Schedule Handbook

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Power

Emergency Warning

Escalators and Moving Walks

Escape Route Pressurization

Final Exits

Fire Separations

Interfaced Fire or Smoke Doors or Windows

Laboratory Fume Cupboards

Mechanical Smoke Control

Mechanical Ventilation

Natural Smoke Control

Passenger Lifts

Radio Frequency

Riser Mains

Service Lifts

Sign for SS 1-13


Smoke Curtains

Smoke Separations

Systems for Communicating Evacuation

Food & Health 

Timaru District Council Food Safety


Community Grants Application

Creative NZ Scheme Application Form

How to write a good application - Creative NZ

Heritage Fund Application

Sports Fund Application

Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund

Land Information Memorandum - (LIM)

LIM Application Request Form


Library Membership Form

Liquor Licensing

Timaru District Council Liquor Control

Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing AuthorityNotice of Appeal against a Provisional Local Alcohol Policy

Planning/Resource Management

Application for Change or Cancellation of Resource Consent Condition

Application for Resource Consent 2013

Rapid Numbers

Rapid Number Request Form


Easy Payment Form Page 1

Easy Payment Form Page 2

Rate Rebate Form

Refuse and Recycling

Refuse Bin & Recycling Application Form

Water and Waste Water

Water Services Application - Rural & Urban

Rural Water Brochure


Application to Enclose Portion of Road

Kerb Crossing Application Form

Service Under Road Application Form

Stock Under Pass Installation Application Form and Requirements

Traffic Management  Plan - Full Form

Traffic Management  Plan - Short Form

Application For Consent To Install Vehicle Access