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Waimate District Council tests Emergency Readiness

Even though it was a sunny winter day yesterday, Waimate District Council’s emergency operations centre (EOC) was put to the test under a one-day mock ‘snow’ event.

Staff involved in various EOC functions such as ‘logistics’, ‘operations’, ‘welfare’ and ‘intelligence/planning’ operated two half-day shifts as they tested their procedures and plans after a simulated heavy snowfall brought the district to a stand-still, similar to the 2006 snow-fall.

Waimate District Council Civil Defence Emergency Management Coordinator Hilary Botting says “Exercise Olaf” was run as part of the annual CDEM exercise programme which all New Zealand Councils have to undertake.

Mrs Botting adds that there were a small number of improvements that will be made from the exercise.

Staff from the Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group office oversaw the exercise and commented they were confident that Waimate Council’s EOC would function well in an actual emergency.

Overall Mrs Botting says she’s pleased with the way the Council staff took the exercise seriously and performed as a team to work towards getting Council and other vital services back to normal – things which she adds are critical when an actual emergency occurs.

In a real emergency, Council works alongside other emergency services with all staff deployed to assist in the emergency operations centre.