Waimate District Council takes ownership of Waimate Skate Park

Published: 13 Apr 2017

Media Release
Date: 10 April 2017

Work is underway to change ownership of Waimate’s popular Skate Park at Boland Park.

At a Council meeting last week, there was unanimous support for Council to take over the three year old facility from the Waimate District Resource Trust who initially fundraised and built the park for the community.

Funds of just over $7,000 associated with the Skate Park will also be transferred to Council as part of the asset vesting, which will cover the financial requirements such as maintenance and insurance of the asset for the coming financial years.

Mayor Craig Rowley says it’s a win-win situation – it makes sense for Council to absorb this great facility, as the cost of health and safety inspections is already borne by Council and the asset rests on Council land.

He says the Waimate District Resource Trust initially agreed with Council that it would one day be handed over – and this move will ensure the facility stays in the hands of the public.

The Mayor applauds the work of the Trust for developing such a great community asset and adds it is great to be able to offer this wonderful Skate Park for the youth of the district.