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There are six (6) cemeteries in the Waimate District:

  1. Glenavy (closed)
  2. Hakataramea*
  3. Maori Cemetery in Waimate
  4. Morven (closed)
  5. Otaio
  6. Waimate

*Please note: The Hakataramea cemetery is cared for by the Hakataramea Cemetery Trust. For enquiries please contact:

Sue Ross
Collie Hills
Kurow 8961
Email: colliehills@slingshot.co.nz

Cemetery Database

Please use the cemetery search feature to locate burials in the Waimate Cemetery. The other cemeteries will be added to the search database at a later date.

Disclaimer: Waimate District Council makes every endeavour to ensure the information in the cemetery database is correct, but accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed. If there is any information that you think is incorrect please email cemetery@waimatedc.govt.nz with the correct information with supporting documentation.

Burial Information

Plot purchases

Plots can be purchased from Council at any time and can be held for any duration. There are, however, times when a person wishes to sell a plot. Please contact Council or call +64 3 689 0000 to discuss this.

Plots are dug to a single depth for a single burial, or they can be dug to double depth which allows loved ones to be buried together.

Only people with Council authority can dig a grave and cover it following interment.


When a body is to be buried, please give Council as much notice as possible. Interments are between 9am and 4pm.

Under exceptional circumstances, urgent burials are possible, however, Council must be contacted to make suitable arrangements.


A container containing the ashes of a deceased person may be buried in the special part of the cemetery or in a family plot or plot as agreed by the owner.

Headstones, memorials and adornments

The standards size of a headstone is 280cm x 380cm. Memorials must be made of granite or a suitable material approved by Council. Please consult with a monumental mason or specialist tradesperson and Council before undertaking this work.

Adornments should be appropriate and should not encroach into neighbouring plots.

Maintenance and upkeep

It is the responsibility of the deceased person’s family to look after the plot, including the headstone, other monuments and adornments.

Council, in turn, will care for the cemetery, mowing lawns, tending common garden areas and generally maintaining the land.

Vases and adornments must be kept on the concrete beam and stay clear of the mowing strip.

If a headstone becomes unsafe and is likely to fall or if any other part of the plot requires some type of maintenance Council will undertake this work if the family cannot be contacted.

Waimate Cemetery

The Waimate Cemetery is divided into two sections – the old cemetery and the new cemetery. The old cemetery is still open for burials. Plots can no longer be purchased, however, burials still take place there.

Additional land has been purchased for the extension of the Waimate Cemetery. While the land remains undeveloped at this stage, it will be prepared when needed.

Who to contact

If you would like information about the purchase of a plot please contact the sexton on +6427 705 9683. For general enquiries please contact Council here, email cemetery@waimatedc.govt.nz or call +64 3 689 0000.

Fees and Charges

Cemeteries (Waimate and Otaio)




Stillborn and babies (up to 12 months)


Children (1 – 12 years)




Extra Depth (double)


Old Cemetery Plot Opening – Concrete Plot


Plot Purchase (including concrete beam)

Ash Plots


Stillborn and babies (up to 12 months)


Children (1 – 12 years)




Additional Charges


Saturdays, Sundays, Statutory Holidays

Monday to Friday after 3pm (May to September)

Monday to Friday after 4pm (October to April)


Ashes interments on Saturdays, Sundays or Statutory Holidays


Dig Grave – Saturdays, Sundays or Statutory Holidays


Ashes Dig – Saturdays, Sundays or Statutory Holidays


Triple Depth Plot – Old Cemetery Only


Record Search (in excess of one per day)


Cemeteries Bylaw

For more information about Waimate District cemeteries please refer to the Cemeteries Bylaw.