Community Centre

The establishment of the Waimate Community Centre is the outcome of the Waimate District Resource Trust Community Development Project 2010 - 2013.

Community Centres are becoming popular as a means to utilise community resources in ways that are more creative, social and economically efficient.

These Centres are becoming valued by more and more communities as a gathering place for people and an access point for a wide range of community activities, programmes, services and events.

Communities that are struggling to maintain ageing facilities and cope with the fragmentation of service delivery, are looking to development of community centres as a solution for long term sustainability.

The Waimate District Resource Trust aims for the Community Centre are:

  • To be developed by the community for the community.
  • To provide a venue for community meetings, events and activities.
  • To provide a venue for programmes, workshops, seminars and promotion of community education.
  • To provide a venue for all sectors of the community to gather together, share resources and work collaboratively on collective projects.
  • To provide a venue to establish networks and strengthen community relationships.
  • To provide a venue to build social capacity and promote long term sustainability of community life.
  • To provide a venue for the development and outworking of a shared community vision.

The usage of this new facility could include: adult education; cooking classes, literacy, social media and job training.

Community Groups: noticeboards, social services forum, family services, youth programmes, meeting place for clubs, workshops and seminars.

Social Groups: newcomers, youth, arts, drama and creative groups, multicultural gatherings.

Heath & Wellbeing: programmes, workshops, tutorials, classes and expos.

Business; Functions: seminars, workshops, forums, staff training and planning days.

Hire Fees and Charges 

The Waimate Community Centre is situated at
135 Queen Street, Waimate.
Telephone 03 689 6226