Current Consultations

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Current Consultations

Representation Review

Council has reviewed its representation arrangements and is proposing the following structure for the 2019 elections.

Council Representation

It is proposed that Council will comprise eight (8) members elected from four wards, and the Mayor. The four wards reflect the following identified communities of interest:

  1. Waimate
  2. Lower Waihao
  3. Pareora-Otaio-Makikihi
  4. Hakataramea-Waihaorunga

The population that each member will represent is as follows:

Wards Estimated Residential Population* Current Number of Councillors Per Ward Population per Councillor Deviation from District Average Population per Councillor Percentage Deviation from District Average Population per Councillor
Hakataramea-Waihaorunga 900 1 900 -88 -8.86%
Pareora-Otaio-Makikihi 1,910 2 955 -33 -3.29%
Lower Waihao 1,100 1 1,100 113 11.39%**
Waimate 3,990 4 998 10 1.01%
Total7,900 8


Community Board Representation

it is proposed that there are no Community Boards.

Further information

Any queries regarding Council's decision should be directed to:

Carolyn Johns
Community Services and Strategy Group Manager
P. +64 3 689 0000

Your feedback

You are invited to complete the online submission form below.


If you elect to speak to your submission we will contact you to make suitable arrangements. Hearings will be held on 28 August 2018.

Closing date

Submissions must be received no later than 12 noon 6 August 2018.