Committees Information

Committee Meetings

The Waimate District Council holds Standing Committees every six weeks (three weeks after the Council Meetings) at the Waimate District Council, 125 Queen Street, Waimate. These meetings commence at 9.30am, commencing with a Public Forum, and followed by a Council Workshop.

Committees of Council

The three Council Committees are listed below with their functionalities:

  1. Community Services & Development Committee: Library, Promotions, Resource Management, Strategy, Governance – Community Representation, Community Support, Civil Defence Emergency Management, Economic Development, All Policies relating to Community Services & Development
  2. District Infrastructure Committee: Three Waters, Waste Management, Roading & Footpaths, Rural Fire, Parks & Reserves (includes Parks & Public Spaces, Swimming, Camping, Cemeteries), All Policies relating to District Infrastructure
  3. Environmental Services & Finance: Regulatory and Environmental Services, Building Control, Dog and Animal Control, Property, Investment and Finance, Forestry, Audit & Risk, Information Technology, All Policies relating to Environmental Services & Finance 

The three committees will meet consecutively on the same day, beginning at 9.30am.

The election of the chair and deputy chair will take place at the inaugural meeting of each committee. 

The composition of each committee shall be all Councillors, together with the Mayor.

It is intended that each respective committee will receive and discuss reports and agenda items, making a recommendation to the Council meeting for their approval.