Supporting Information

Supporting Information to the Consultation Document

These documents provide additional and supporting information to the content of our Long Term Plan Consultation Document.

We welcome any feedback on any of issues highlighted in the Consultation Document or the Supporting Information. Click Here to submit your feedback.

Our Strategies

Infrastructure Strategy: Details Council's plans for key infrastructure assets including Water Supply, Stormwater, Sewerage and Roading and Footpaths for the next 30 years. It also details how we plan to meet our infrastructure needs in the most affordable way by replacing what is deteriorating and planning well for the future to maximise the assets we have.

Financial Strategy: This Strategy brings together important information detailed in the LTP and guides the way Council makes decisions on income, expenditure, borrowing and investments. It also details how we plan to keep rates affordable in the face of some costly projects. We will increase debt so that we can spread the cost of these projects over a longer period of time. This will help reduce the impact on rates in coming years and share the cost over current and future ratepayers.

Our Policies

Revenue and Financing Policy

Funding Needs Analysis (S101) for Revenue and Financing Policy

Rates Remission Policy

Investment Policy

Liability Management Policy

Remission and Postponement of Rates on Maori Freehold Land Policy

Financial Contributions Policy

Significance and Engagement Policy


Capital Expenditure

Financial Statements

Funding Impact Statement - Rating Information

Funding Impact Statements - Groups of Activities

Rating Zone Boundary Map


Our Consultation Document provides some examples of typical properties in our District and shows the proposed 2018/19 rates for these properties. To see the proposed rates for your property in 2018/19 use our Rates Online database. Click Here

Significant Assumptions

These represent the key assumptions that we have used to develop the Long Term Plan, and underpin our planning and financial information.

Significant Assumptions

Fees and Charges

We have proposed some increases to our Fees and Charges for 2018/19, particularly some capital contributions charges for Urban Water and Sewerage. These increases are the result of a review of the funding framework for these networks.

Fees and Charges 2018/19

Key Issue 1 - Water Treatment Upgrades Supporting Information

This is a complex Key Issue, below are some supporting documents which will provide further information on our current water treatment situation, and the reasons why we need to upgrade our treatment plants.

Water Asset Management Plan 2018

Drinking-water Standards for New Zealand 2005 (revised 2008)

Report of the Havelock North Drinking Water Inquiry: Stage Two

Key Issue 2 - Addressing Our Deteriorating Roads Supporting Information

To find out more about the current condition of our roading network and to see in more detail our plans for the future read our Roading Activity Management Plan and Strategic Business Case.

Roading Activity Management Plan

Roading Strategic Business Case

Waste Minimisation Plan

We are currently reviewing our Waste Minimisation Plan and will be consulting with you on this later in the year. We are seeking some early feedback on our direction for Waste Minimisation in the LTP consultation. Have a read of our current Waste Minimisation Plan which was adopted in 2012 for more information.

Waste Minimisation Plan