New water bore being drilled

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New water bore being drilled

  • Date Monday 30 July 2018, 10:01 AM

The drilling of a new Manchester bore, just a few metres from the existing bore, will result is a safer supply of water.

Drilling commenced on 17 July 2018 and went down to a depth of approximately 83 metres into the same aquifer used by the existing bore.

The technology being used is of a very high standard, with Water and Waste Manager Paul Roberts saying that the standard being applied is the Australian standard for the sanitary seal at the top of the bore.

The sanitary seal is an important part of the new bore as it is the device that protects the water from possible contamination.

“It was decided to use the Australian standard for the sanitary seal rather than the New Zealand standard, as it offers better protection and future proofing of the bore. The sanitary seal we’ve used is extremely effective and because we’ve applied the Australian standard it significantly lessens the chance of contamination.”

So why create a new bore into the existing aquifer?

“We know the existing bore was drilled in 1972, however, we don't know how it was drilled and sealed. For these reasons it is more cost effective to re-drill a new bore and decommission the existing Manchester Bore. When the project is completed the Waimate town will have an assured safe and compliant drinking water supply”.

The second phase of the project will be building the new treatment plant which is being designed by Council and consultant, Opus.