Civil Defence Emergency Management

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Current Emergency

If life or property is at risk - call 111 (fire, police, ambulance)


Check out what the weather is doing in your part of the region by keeping up to date with the latest information from MetService.

Rain and river

For up to date rainfall and river flow data check out the ECAN website.


Keep an eye on the latest road information by keeping up to date with road closures in your area.

On the Move' is a fully customisable travel information service that provides information to travellers prior to their journey for New Zealand's state highways.


In an emergency you may need to get in touch with your electricity supplier. The main suppliers for Waimate District are listed below:

* Alpine Energy:   Fault line: 0800 66 11 77
* Waitaki Power:  Emergency Number 0800 440 220

Radio stations

Local radio stations to listen to during an emergency.

If you don't have a battery powered radio remember most vehicles have radios.


* More FM 93.1FM
* National Radio 101.1FM & 639AM


* More FM 100FM or 96.8FM
* National Radio 101.4FM & 810AM


Leave home only if in immediate danger or if you are officially advised.
Stay inside (unless you are advised to evacuate) if there is a chemical or gas disaster or a storm. Listen to the radio or TV for information. If the power is off, your car radio will still work.
If you need to evacuate, secure your home as though you were going on holiday and turn off power, water, and gas. Ensure each adult in your household knows how to turn these off.
To indicate that you have successfully evacuated, tear the back cover off the phone book and put it in the window where it can be seen from the street.

Evacuate if there is:

*Fire - get out and stay out
*Move immediately to high ground if there is a large earthquake and you are near sea level on the coast, as tsunami can follow earthquakes
*Official advice to do so (if you have time, take your survival items and listen to your radio).

Get Prepared

* Best site for helping you and your family or business get prepared for minimum of 72hrs  is