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Mycoplasma Bovis Outbreak

The Government and the leaders of our dairy and beef sectors have announced that an attempt to eradicate Mycoplasma Bovis will be made.

The decision was agreed by all farm sector leaders and Cabinet. Eradication will prevent serious impacts on our national dairy and beef herd, including production losses and on-going animal welfare issues.

All farmers currently on Restricted Place Notices, including those on known infected farms, will be contacted by their ICP Managers to discuss the decision and its impact on them. The decision means that all known infected farms, future infected herds found and many herds under Restricted Place Notices will need to be culled. The timing of this will take place in consultation with individual farmers to try to minimise production costs where possible, for example delaying culling until the end of the milking season.

If you are a farmer with a legal notice on your farm your ICP Manager will contact you as soon as possible to discuss how this decision affects you. The Rural Support Trust is also providing support to farmers. They can be contacted on 0800 787 254.

Read the Prime Minister’s and media release on eradication: https://www.beehive.govt.nz/release/plan-eradicate-mycoplasma-bovis

Find out more about the eradication plans on Biosecurity New Zealand’s website: http://www.mpi.govt.nz/protection-and-response/responding/alerts/mycoplasma-bovis/mycoplasma-bovis-eradication

Key contacts

MPI Mycoplasma bovis website - keep checking for updates
Questions for MPI - 0800 00 83 33 or Email: MBovis2017_Liaison@mpi.govt.nz
Farmer Support Line - 027 444 9380 or Email: MBovis2017_Welfare@mpi.govt.nz
Rural Support Trust - 0800 787 254
Exotic Pest and Disease Hotline - 0800 80 99 66
Compensation Guidelines or Email: compensationcoordinator@mpi.govt.nz

What you can do:

Farmers should look out for:

  • Unusual mastitis in cattle that doesn't respond to treatment
  • Arthritis in cows and calves
  • Late-term abortion
  • Pneumonia in calves.

Not all infected animals get sick, but they can pass on the disease to other animals.  Mycoplasma bovis spreads between animals through close contact.

Farmers who see these signs in their stock should contact their veterinarian in the first instance, or MPI on 0800 80 99 66.

M. bovis mainly affects cattle and has little effect on other production animals. It does not affect horses and pet animals.

Animal health checklist to use when buying stock [PDF, 175 KB]
Practice good biosecurity – keep things clean
Farmer guidance on protecting your farm [PDF, 177 KB]
A3 farm hygiene poster - Protect your farm from disease [PDF, 373 KB]