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For a variety of reasons people choose to busk on public streets. Buskers provide entertainment and enjoyment and they also earn income through the experience.

We welcome buskers in the Waimate District, however, people wishing to busk must apply for a licence to do so (see the application form below).

More information about busking can be found in Chapter Two of the Consolidated Bylaw and can be viewed by clicking on the image to the right.

Buskers must observe conditions such as:

  • Council has the right to discontinue the activity if justified complaints are received
  • Buskers must not block off entrances to any businesses or other premises
  • Buskers must not obstruct pedestrians
  • Amplification of music is not allowed
  • If a group of buskers are performing, Council may require the group to operate in a more ’open’ area

It’s important to note that, while busking in general is permitted, it will not be allowed if:

  • It creates a nuisance because of excessive noise
  • It is a nuisance or annoys people in the vicinity of where the busking is taking place

Council has the right to impose other conditions as it sees fit to ensure the public are not unduly or negatively affected by busking.

How to obtain permission

if you wish to busk in Waimate you will need to apply for permission and also complete the Special Street Performance Safety Plan (see documents below). Please complete both documents and return to Council.

More information

If you require assistance or further information please contact the Regulatory & Compliance Group Manager at council@waimatedc.govt.nz or call +64 3 689 0000.