Civil Defence & Emergency Management

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Civil Defence & Emergency Management


If life or property is at risk - call 111 (fire, police, ambulance)


Check out what the weather is doing in your part of the region by keeping up to date with the latest information from MetService.

Rain and river

For up-to-date rainfall and river flow data check out Environment Canterbury (ECan).


Keep an eye on the latest road information by keeping up to date with road closures in your area.


In an emergency you may need to get in touch with your electricity supplier. The main suppliers for Waimate District are listed below:

Alpine Energy
Fault line: 0800 66 11 77 or go to their website.

Network Waitaki

Emergency number: 0800 440 220 or go to their website.

Radio stations

Local radio stations to listen to during an emergency


  • More FM - 93.1FM
    National Radio - 101.1FM & 639AM


  • More FM - 100FM or 96.8FM
    National Radio - 101.4FM & 810AM


Leave home only if in immediate danger or if you are officially advised.

Stay inside (unless you are advised to evacuate) if there is a chemical or gas disaster or a storm. Listen to the radio or TV for information. If the power is off, your car radio will still work.

If you need to evacuate, secure your home as though you were going on holiday and turn off power, water, and gas. Ensure each adult in your household knows how to turn these off.

To indicate that you have successfully evacuated, tear the back cover off the phone book and put it in the window where it can be seen from the street.

Evacuate if there is:

  • Fire - get out and stay out
  • Large earthquake - move immediately to high ground if you are near sea level on the coast, as tsunami can follow earthquakes
  • Official advice to do so - if you have time, take your survival items and listen to your radio

Get Prepared

How prepared are you for an emergency? Emergencies can happen anywhere, any time, and without warning. Make a plan for you, your family and your business. Never Happens? Happens is great place to start. You can also download an education package called What's The Plan Stan.

To help our community be prepared for emergencies we have some useful links for you to follow. Most importantly, individuals, families and communities must plan for themselves to get ready and get through for at least the first 72 hours.

Preparing for a Tsunami

Tsunami Evacuation Zones

Points to consider include:

  • Survival kit
  • Water (three litres per person per day)
  • Food (enough for at least three days preferably a week)
  • Toilet facilities/ personal hygiene items
  • Emergency lighting
  • Emergency cooking
  • Emergency clothing
  • First aid kit
  • Special supplies for babies
  • Special supplies for pets
  • Emergency radio (and spare batteries)
  • Important documents
  • Medication and Prescription copies

Be Involved

How you can help?

Civil Defence Emergency Management is neighbour helping neighbour. While it is a government initiative, it builds on community support and spirit and must rely on volunteers.

A number of volunteers are needed to join their local civil defence team and maintain readiness. Others may be available to volunteer only during an emergency event.

People with a wide variety of skills are required in the event of an emergency. The civil defence team needs people with skills ranging from tea making to first aid, leadership and management to specialised trades. The most important trait in a volunteer is common sense.

If you would like to help your community in a very real way by volunteering, please contact the Civil Defence Emergency Management Co-ordinator at +64 3 689 0000 or

What To Do

What To Do In The Event Of An Emergency

If you need to report an emergency always call 111 in the first instance.

If you need other assistance call Waimate District Council on +64 3 689 0000.

Look after your immediate family first then see if your neighbours need help. Are there vulnerable/disabled/elderly people nearby who maybe in need of help?

Listen to the radio to find out what is happening.

Radio Stations

Local radio stations to listen to in an emergency:

  • Radio New Zealand - 101.1FM or 639AM
  • More FM - 93.1FM


  • Radio New Zealand - 101.4FM or 810AM
  • More FM - 100FM or 96.8FM

If you don't have a battery-powered radio remember most vehicles have radios.

For more information on planning and responding to emergencies go to

Public Alerting

Civil Defence Emergency Management Public Alerting Information

Whilst we do use the Red Cross Hazard App (see detail below) it is vital that the public do not rely upon this especially during an earthquake. If the earthquake is long or strong get gone from beaches and tsunami evacuation zones including coastal rivers – the earthquake is the warning as any public messaging will be not quick enough in some/most cases.

Red Cross Hazard App

Download the New Zealand Red Cross Hazard App (free) from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store: Hazard App

The Hazard App is a free life-saving app for smartphones and tablets. The app helps you identify, prepare and respond to hazards in New Zealand. The app is pre-loaded with information about hazards including floods, earthquakes, tsunami, fire, weather, epidemics and biosecurity risks. The Hazard App enables you to receive official emergency warnings and alerts according to your location or the locations of your friends and family.

Follow this link on how to manage the alerts you receive.

Radio Stations

Local radio stations to listen to in an emergency.

  • National Radio 101.1FM & 639AM
  • More FM 93.1FM


  • National Radio 101.4FM & 810AM
  • More FM 100FM or 96.8FM

If you don't have a battery powered radio remember most vehicles have radios.

Please feel free to get in touch if you require more information. Contact Hilary Botting Civil Defence Emergency Management Coordinator: +64 3 689 0000.

South Canterbury Rural Assistance Trust

South Canterbury Rural Assistance Trust (SCRAT) has been formed particularly with rural needs in mind and integrates into the overall Civil Defence Emergency Management apparatus.

South Canterbury Rural Assistance Trust is a voluntary organisation that mobilises during an adverse climatic or other event to co-ordinate assistance for the rural community.

Phone: 0800 787 254

Fire Emergency NZ

Rural fire information.