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Ministry of Health Public Notice

Some plumbing fittings have the potential to allow traces of metals to accumulate in water standing in the fittings for several hours.

Although the health risk is small, the Ministry of Health recommends that you flush a mugful of water from drinking-water taps each morning before use to remove any metals that may have dissolved from the plumbing fittings.

We are recommending this simple precaution for all households, including those on public and private water supplies.

This notice has been issued by Waimate District Council on behalf of the Director-General of Health, Ministry of Health.

Rural Water Supply

The Waimate District Council operates six rural water schemes (Otaio-Makikihi, Cannington-Motukaika, Hook-Waituna, Waihaorunga, Waikakahi & Lower Waihao) and in addition, incorporated societies run Hakataramea and Cattle Creek (Upper Waihao), with Downlands being supplied and administered by Timaru District Council, with a shareholding by Waimate District Council.

It is desirable that the water:

  • Is safe to drink at all times.
  • Is aesthetically pleasing (no objectionable taste or odour).
  • Is optically clear.
  • Has adequate pressure at the boundary.
  • Has adequate flow at point of supply.

Every year Council will attend to the routine matters, in order to maintain service levels set in agreement with our community. They are:

  • Operate and maintain six rural water schemes with management input from water scheme committees.
  • Maintain shareholder status in the Downlands water supply operated by Timaru District Council which serves some St Andrews properties.
  • Monitor water quality and operate treatment facilities where necessary.
  • Generate a Strategic Plan for future urban water needs.
  • Comply with legislative requirements addressing water quality.

Information for the users of the following water supplies:

  • Cannington-Motukaika
  • Hook-Waituna
  • Otaio-Makikihi
  • Lower Waihao
  • Waihaorunga
  • Waikakahi

Water allocation is measured and charged in litres per day.

The standard unit is 1500 litres per day, with possible 500 litres/day increments.

Enquiries and Faults

To make any enquiries or to report faults on Rural Water Schemes please call Waimate District Council on +64 3 689 0000.

For after hours faults, please phone 0800 11 50 50 to be connected with our after hours service.

Urban Water Supply

Council provides a regular supply of potable water to the designated urban area of Waimate (population 3,000 approx) to serve drinking, commercial and fire protection uses. Two secure groundwater bores at Timaru Road and Manchesters Road supply the urban network via a reservoir at Mill Road. Council monitors water quality, and plans for future water supply needs.

The supply of a reliable and cost-effective water service contributes to the health of the community as well as serving a fire-fighting capability. Council must meet rising demand from residential and industrial growth.

Every year Council will attend to the routine matters, in order to maintain service levels set in agreement with our community. They are:

  • Operate and maintain ground water bores at Timaru and Manchesters Roads and the reservoir at Mill Road.
  • Operate and maintain water supply networks to urban properties.

Council also has service levels that they wish to meet, these are:

  • Disruptions to supply should not exceed 12 hours.
  • There should be adequate pressure at the boundary (300kPa).
  • There should be adequate flow at the point of supply (>25 lt/min).
  • There should be adequate pressure for fire fighting (i.e.> 12.5 lt/sec at 100kPa for a single fire hydrant).
  • The water is graded to Ab by the MoH drinking water standard. Where A=Source and treatment grade and b=distribution grade.

Utilities Contact Details:

P. +64 3 689 0047
P. +64 3 689 0000 (after hours)
E. utilities@waimatedc.govt.nz

River Quality Warnings

Routine monitoring for potentially toxic benthic cyanobacteria is carried out at a number of popular swimming sites throughout the Waimate District and the whole of Canterbury by Environment Canterbury Regional Council (Ecan). Please see Ecan’s website for information in relation to water quality warnings.