Council Property

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Council Property

Land and buildings currently owned by Council include:

  • Public toilets
  • Community housing
  • Staff house
  • Waimate District Council offices
  • Vacant and leased land
  • Land and buildings for Council's Utility operations and in relation to economic development objectives

Council purchases and holds land for the future provision of community approved facilities.

Routine Matters

Every year Council will attend to the routine matters in order to maintain service levels set in agreement with our community.

  • Eradicate noxious plants from all Council properties.
  • Manage Council-owned rental accommodation.
  • Manage and maintain rural halls to agreed service levels based on their intended life.
  • Manage each parcel of Council owned land under criteria set for identified use.
  • Maintain and operate public toilets.
  • Maintain shareholder status in Alpine Energy.
  • Maintain and operate community housing.
  • Maintain and operate Council vacant and leased land, land and buildings for Council's utility operations and land which facilitates economic development objectives.
  • Maintain and operate staff housing.
  • Maintain and operate the Waimate District Council offices.

Contact: Property Manager +64 3 689 0000