Planning and Resource Consents

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Planning and Resource Consents

Resource Consents

A resource consent allows a person or organisation to do something which has an effect on the environment (eg taking water from a stream or bore, discharging waste into the air, onto land or into water, diverting streams or building bridges or culverts).

Under the Resource Management Act Council issues two types of Resource Consent covering:

  • Land Use
  • Subdivisions

If you are considering an activity, which may require a resource consent, our staff will be able to assist. They can explain which activities require resource consents under the Resource Management Act. If a consent is required they can also provide guidance on the type of effects assessment and consultation which would be appropriate for your proposal.

Refer to the District Plan or contact Council's Resource Planner, ph +64 3 689 0000 if you are planning any development or subdivision.

Resource Management Act

If you would like free advice or information on the Resource Management Act (RMA) please contact:

Ministry for the Environment

P. 0800 499 700

More guidance and an interactive guide to the RMA can be found online at Ministry of Environment.