Green Waste

The Resource Recovery Park accepts some Green Waste.  
Customers must place lawn clippings and fibrous leaves separately where directed.

Fees and Charges

Click here for a full schedule of Recycling and Waste Fees and Charges

Note that contaminated loads will be rejected.  Materials such as rubbish, bags, fibrous plants and grass clippings must not be left in the greenwaste area.

Our Goal

  • To reduce the District's overall cost incurred in transporting and disposal of waste products to landfill. Currently the equivalent of 300 truck loads of waste is landfilled per year, of which approximately 1/4 is compostable greenwaste.
  • To reduce effects on the environment. Waste from wheelie bins is not sorted, but goes directly to landfill.  Greenwaste deposited from your bin decomposes into methane gas, contributing to the greenhouse effect, while leachate produced in the landfill may harm the environment.
  • To reduce dependency on refuse wheelie bins, to promote waste diversion and to reduce your costs!

For further information contact Utilities +64 3 689 0047

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