Roading and Footpaths Fees and Charges

Road Opening

Deed of grant for private service on or along road


Utility corridor access request major project

$345.00 and actual costs

Minor project — Corridor access


Seal opening reseal fee

$15.00 per m2

Traffic Overweight Permit

Plus actual and reasonable costs for any structural checking and inspections where required

$65.00 and actual costs

Applications Fees and Licences

Five Year Road Crossing Licence


Non-compliance Fee


Road Encroachment, Cattle Stop, Gate (plus advertising)


Storage on roadside


Construct of kerb crossing or vehicle access — actual and reasonable cost recovery.

Actual cost

Penalty fee for non-notification on permitted activities


Urgent permits will incur an additional mileage fee at the current IRD rate - $0.73 per km

Temporary Road Closures

Approved Community Events — non-commercial or not-for-profit organisations

No Charge

Other Events — (motor sport events etc) — Each application is considered on its merits. Application fee for administering the Road Closure. Fees charged for external advertising at actual costs. Damage assessment inspection at actual costs. Road damage reimbursement at actual costs.


Road / Street / Footpath Damage

Bond — for Asset Protection, new build. This bond will only be refunded on demonstration that there has not been any damage or interference with any works or property owned, constructed, acquired or used by Waimate District Council.


Council may charge at cost for the repair of any damage to the footpath or street incurred as a result of house relocation, building, demolition or similar activities.