Water Supply & Services

Urban and Rural Water, Sewerage and Stormwater Fees and Charges

Network Application Fees

Connections / Disconnections — Urban Water, Sewer, Stormwater — per valuation number


Hydraulic Modelling — per connection

$300 plus difference to cover actual cost

Utility Physical Works

Urban Water, Sewer, Stormwater

Actual Cost

Targeted Connection Fees

Sewer Connections (Capital Contribution GST inclusive)

High Street Sewer Extension - Gravity Main


High Street Sewer Extension - Pumped Main


Timaru Road Sewer Extension


Mill Road Sewer Extension


King Street Sewer Extension


Capital Contribution

For a newly created lot due to subdivision or an existing parcel of land within the newly designated urban/business zone for the Waimate Township that previously have not paid any vacant rates for utilities.

Urban Water






Extraordinary Water Supply

Properties in excess of one hectare or properties deemed to have an extraordinary supply as outlined in the Waimate District Council Bylaws, section 1418.3, shall be equipped with a metered water connection. Any water used in excess of 200m3 within a six month period is charged at $0.70 per m3.

$0.70 per m3

Urban Water Backflow Preventor

Registration and inspection — per annum


Rural Water Supply

Application Fees

Connections, Alterations and Disconnections


Additional Connection — application appended to primary


Hydraulic Modelling — per connection

$300 plus difference to cover actual cost

Utility Physical Works

Rural Water

Actual Cost

Capital Contribution

Capital Contribution for all rural water schemes

$2.00 per litre per day

Targeted Water Connection Fees

Glenavy Developments - Bignall Lane, Cherry Lane, Stocker Lane
(Note: allocation 1000L per day)

Capital Contributions paid at time of Resource Consent.

Willowbridge Water Extension


Other Fees

Restrictor Frost Plug (available at Waimate District Council Office)

No Charge

Restrictor Screen (available at Waimate District Council Office)

No Charge

Installation of Restrictor Frost Plug


Installation of Restrictor Screen


Installation of Restrictor Face Plate (for reasons other than fair wear and tear)


Replace Point of Supply — Restrictor unit and associated fittings (for reasons other than fair wear and tear)

$250.00 plus  difference to cover actual cost

Pipeline Location and notification of works around water scheme network infrastructure

No Charge

Unauthorised actions, resulting in damage to the water scheme network infrastructure

Actual Cost

Staff Charge Out Fees

Actual Cost

Unauthorised Water Tampering

$2,000.00 plus actual cost

Emergency Additional Supply

Business Hours (8.00am — 4.30pm Mon — Fri)


After Hours, Weekends and Public Holidays


Temporary Water Allocation

Temporary water allocation is charged at three times the normal scheme rate plus re-jetting fees of $80 per visit (two visits required)

Targeted Urban Water Supply Rates (as set in the Annual Plan 2017/18)

The Urban Water targeted rate is set based on the provision or availability of service provided to the rating unit in the township of Waimate.
Unserviced (Vacant)$197.41

Targeted Rural Water Supply Rates (as set in the Annual Plan 2017/18)

The Rural Water targeted rates are set based on the water allocation provided to each rating unit. The rate is assessed on a per litre of water supplied per day and contributes towards the funding of the water supplied to the Cannington, Hook-Waituna, Lower Waihao, Otaio-Makikihi, Waihaorunga and Waikakahi rural water schemes included in the Rural Water activity as follows:
Lower Waihao normal supply$0.2515
Hook-Waituna domestic supply$0.1881
Hook-Waituna irrigation supply (55%)$0.1035

Targeted Downlands Rural Water Supply Rates (as set in the Annual Plan 2017/18)

The Downlands water scheme is a joint venture between Timaru, Mackenzie and Waimate District Councils. The scheme is administered by the Timaru District Council who determine the charge per connection type. Each Council sets the rate for the connections within its district and collects the revenue on behalf of the joint venture. The connections are differentiated by location of the rating unit whether within the St Andrews township where a domestic charge is rated, as opposed to outside the township where a service charge on the number of connections and a unit/point charge on the units of water is charged as follows: