Payment Options

There are various methods available for paying rates.

Cash, eftpos or cheque payments.

Cash, Eftpos or cheque payments can be made at the Waimate District Council office, 125 Queen Street, Waimate between 8.00am and 4.30pm weekdays (except public holidays). Cheques can also be addressed to: P O Box 122, Waimate 7960.  Post-dated cheques are acceptable.

Rates Easypay

By completing a single form we are able to load all of your individually rated properties into our system.  There are two options as follows:

Monthly payments - On or around the 20th of every month the monthly apportionment of your annual rates balance will be automatically deducted from your nominated bank account.

Quarterly payments - On the due date of every quarter, the balance owing will be automatically deducted form your nominated bank account.

This is a very low risk method of payment and will ensure that your rating account(s) will not attract any penalties for late payment.  You will still have full control over your rate account(s) and if you have any queries don't hesitate to contact us.

Either call at our offices or download a form now.

Rates Easy Pay Info 

Rates Easy Pay Form

Automatic Payments/Online Banking/Telephone Banking

These methods of payment enable you to pay your rates from the comfort of your home.  Waimate District Council's Bank Account Details are:  ANZ 01-0893-0005000-00

If you wish to pay your rates using any of these methods you are able to do so, however you must set up individual payments for each separate valuation number.

To use any of the above options please use the following references:

1st Reference Valuation Number (eg 26120 99990)

2nd Reference Surname

- for each property you pay in this manner.

You need to re-assess your automatic payments every year on the 1st instalment of rates (July), to ensure if your payment is sufficient to cover the annual rates.

These payments are under your control, you may need to advise your bank to make any necessary adjustment to your payment.

All the above options are designed to make it easier for you to keep control of your rates payments and to avoid queues, postage or penalties.  For further information please contact:

Environment Canterbury Regional Council Rate

Environment Canterbury Regional Council rates are not collected by Waimate District Council.  Timaru District Council has the role of collection agent.  If you have any queries regarding the Environment Canterbury Regional Council rate or services please direct them to:

Timaru District Council
P O Box 522
Timaru 7940
Telephone 03 687 7200