District Planning

The District Plan assists the Council in carrying out its functions under the Resource Management Act 1991 so that it may achieve the purpose of the Act which is to "promote the sustainable management of natural and physical resources." The Plan was developed in consultation with local communities and interest groups. 

The Plan controls such activities as: 

  • Erection, relocation, or demolition of structures, buildings, network utilities and signs.
  • Intensive farming and forestry. 
  • Commercial and industrial activities. 
  • Heritage protection.
  • Earthworks and mining. 
  • Use of hazardous substances. 
  • Natural hazard mitigation.
  • Clearance of indigenous vegetation and riparian management. 
  • Subdivision of land.
  • Transportation.

The Resource Planner can provide advice on working within the Resource Management Act 1991. The Act requires Councils to ensure that effects on the environment are managed sustainably. If your project could impact on the environment, or could affect other people, you may require resource consent. The Planner can help you with a range of planning needs and requirements including:

  • Advice on how the District Plan and RMA affects your project;
  • Application advice and processing of Resource Consent Applications, Certificates of Compliance, Notice of Requirements, Outline Plans, Existing Use Right Certificates, and Private Plan Change requests.
  • Monitoring of Resource Consents and compliance with the District Plan;
  • Information about the District Plan review and plan changes.

The Resource Planner is also involved in the processing of  Land Information MemorandumsProject Information Memorandums, Building Consents, Liquor Licensing and Service Applications.