Tame Wallabies at EnkleDooVery Korna

Enkledoovery Korna

Gwen 'the wallaby lady' has been hand raising orphaned baby wallabies since 1977 and opened EnkleDooVery Korna to the public in October 1999.

A hunter brought me my first orpahaned baby wallaby to rear, hence began my love affair with these very appealing animals.

They are difficult to rear needing constant care to be kept warm, to be fed every three hours night and day with special milk mix.  This takes strong commitment and a real love of animals.  It is a common sight to have rows of woolly jerseys made into pouches hanging from kitchen cupboards every spring.  Small fluffy faces peek out watching my every move - to them 'I'm Mum' to me 'They are my kids'!

EnkleDooVery Korna offers the visitor a fascinating and unique experience.  In September 2001 Gwen extended her wallaby family area by adding large enclosures, aptly named 'Wallaby Wander'.  Visitors can wander at their leisure to view the wallabies in separate enclosurers and have the opportunity to feed and photograph wallaby families and cuddle over 60 handraised orphan wallaby babies.

EnkleDooVery Korna has other special friends on the extensive property which include bantams, possums and some rare breed Finlayson sheep.  Meet Muffin, a 'differently-abled' miniature pony, who thrives on lots of hugs and cuddles from visitors.

No visit would be complete without viewing the historic trappers hut and memorabilia of times past.

Tame Wallabies at Enkledoovery Korna

Opening Hours

In Season - 20 September to the 10 June (end of Queen's Birthday weekend). Open 7 Days 10am - 5pm.

Off Season - 11 June to the 19 September. Visits are by prior appointment, weather dependant or chance between 10am and 4pm.

Cost - Adults $15, children under 12 years $10, Children under 2 years free.

Gwen Dempster-Schouten

Bathgates Road Waimate

Phone 03 689 7197


No eftpos or Visa facilities

Wallaby feeding

Wallaby Close Up